How to Make a Podcast Love Connection

Alex Greenwood
5 min readApr 30, 2021

Are you looking to get yourself or clients interviewed on a podcast? Well, I have good news and bad news.

The good news is, according to, there are two million (2,000,000!) podcasts out there with more than 48 million episodes available.

The bad news is, there are two million (2,000,000!) podcasts out there of varying quality and audience size.

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What does that mean for you if you’re seeking a good fit for your topic that has a decent-sized audience? How do you make that podcast love connection?

I’ve podcasted off and on since 2006. Around 2018, I went from being a hobbyist podcaster to a serious producer of two shows that have quickly built an excellent niche fan base. I’ve also guested on numerous podcasts and live streams. That experience on both sides of the mic has given me a perspective on finding good shows to pitch yourself as a guest.

In this post, we’ll cover how to find and evaluate podcasts so you don’t waste your time on shows with poor quality or audiences that are a little too niche in size. (I’ve also covered how to be a good guest once you are booked on a show here and how to get yourself booked here).

Evaluating Podcasts

So, you’re looking for good shows to pitch? Let me simplify it for you with the things I am looking for when researching for a client interview.

One of my favorite places to find guests is with MatchmakerFM. No, it’s not the dating service, though it kind of is, really — if you’re looking for that elusive love connection with a podcast.

It’s a service (available with a free “lite” option) that helps podcasts and guests find each other. I interviewed its founder, James Mulvaney, shortly after it started; it now has more than 28,000 members.

As a guest, you can create a profile (here’s mine) to showcase your expertise and introduce yourself to podcasts in your niche. I love that there’s no cold pitching — people on MatchmakerFM expect to hear from you. They also help get rid of the dreaded email chains because you manage your communications in-app.

When you search for your types of shows, you will find the profile pages (here’s mine and my other one) of…



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