Get Booked on a Podcast by Answering One Question

Alex Greenwood
4 min readMay 12, 2021

A critical way to build awareness and authority is by sharing your ideas, research, and opinions with people in your niche. Podcasts are an excellent marketplace for ideas — according to, there are two million podcasts out there, so surely there are a few shows that can help you grow your brand by booking you as a guest. The secret to getting booked comes down to answering one question.

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While likely not a traditional media organization, a podcast still deserves the same level of professionalism. If the show does regular guest interviews, assume the producers or host gets numerous pitches for guests every week. This means you are in competition to get placed, and you need to put your best foot forward by answering this question:

What’s In It for Me?

No, I don’t mean you — we already know what’s in it for you to get booked. When you pitch yourself or your client as a guest, put yourself in the show’s shoes. When they get your pitch, are you telling them you offer something unique? Did you write a book, article, or paper that shares information the show’s audience would find interesting? Did you do a fantastic TedX talk?

If so, tell them about it. Here’s an example:

Hi (host/producer),

I’ve recently become a fan of your podcast, and I love the way you talk about _____________. As a twenty-five-year veteran of PR and crisis communications, I think I can add something valuable to the continuing conversation you’re having with your listeners about _______.

In fact, my latest book _____________(link) explores aspects of _______ from a new perspective your listeners may find engaging.

I’ve been a professional speaker for twenty years and pride myself on offering concise, actionable information for listeners to use right away. Here are a few points I can discuss on your show:




I have guested on several shows on TV, radio, and more recently, podcasts, including The Unnoticed, #Feelings Matter, All In with Rick Jordan, and Business Bros, to name a few. I use an excellent external mic



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