Your Life. Your Choice.

Alex Greenwood
3 min readNov 17, 2020

It was a few years ago that I woke up and realized I wasn’t going to be president.

For that matter, I wasn’t going to be a sanitation worker, or run a landscaping service (or anything else requiring sweat, for that matter), for a living, though as a lad, I wanted to do two out of the three.

My early dreams of being a landscaper changed.

That’s okay.

I also realized that there is no law saying you’re a failure if you wake up one day and are not (or are) the person you thought you would be.

Do you realize — even amidst a horrific pandemic — how many chances you have every day to be the person you thought you would be as a kid?

Furthermore, do you realize that you also have the option of being somebody completely different than you thought you’d be? That you don’t have to be the person your parents expected (or demanded) you be? You can select the career path other than the adult that education, religion, or peer pressure sought to mold you into.

I’m especially talking to you if you’re restless, bored, or waiting for something to happen. I’m talking to you if you’re subsuming your talent because taking risks in this pandemic economy is “crazy.”

I’m no self-help guru, but I do think we all have a choice — even within the confines of the jobs we have today — to live life on our own terms. It doesn’t…



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