Who Says Podcasting is a Waste of Time?

Alex Greenwood
8 min readMay 7, 2023

I’ve produced several podcasts off and on since 2006 and currently host and produce two. I also appear as a co-host on two other shows. So you can tell I love podcasting.

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Anyway, sometimes I get the impression that people think podcasting — mainly producing podcasts that don’t earn Joe Rogan numbers — is a waste of time. Reflexively, I say it is not a waste of time — even with my relatively modest listenership, there is value.


Sometimes I feel that it may not be worth it. For example, in 2021, between my two shows I scheduled, researched, recorded, edited, produced, and promoted more than one hundred episodes. I took on too much and came very close to burning out. Honestly — it was a grind. Even though I met some beautiful, kind, knowledgeable people, it just wasn’t as much fun when I knew I had hours and hours of work ahead of me (in addition to my day job).

PR After Hours

PR After Hours, one of the shows, is my laid-back take on small business tips, specifically public relations, management, and marketing — but we break the mold every now and then and have some stuff out of left field. It’s a fun show designed to establish my cred in PR and help drum up business.



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