The Human Argument: Crafting Your End-of-Year Corporate Giving Ask

Alex Greenwood
4 min readDec 18, 2023

Are you making the right arguments?

As we edge towards the close of another calendar year, the backdrop of holiday cheer brings with it a heightened sense of generosity and community. If my mailbox and email inbox is any indication, it’s a time when non-profits and charitable organizations roll up their sleeves for one of the most critical fundraising periods: the end-of-year giving season.

For these entities, the final chapters of the year are not just about closing out books but opening doors to renewed support and partnership. This guide aims to navigate you through the creation of an end-of-year corporate (and personal) giving ask that is as impactful as it is imperative.

Understanding Your Audience

Research Your Corporate Partners:

- Imagine approaching a tech giant; here, the narrative could be woven around their contributions bolstering digital literacy initiatives, echoing their innovative spirit.

- When engaging with a local enterprise, underscore the ripple effect of their support on community uplift and neighborhood projects. It also can reflect on the enterprise in a way that makes their local PR efforts more effective.



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