More People Are Choosing ‘The Podcast Option’

Alex Greenwood
3 min readFeb 8, 2023

New Book Details Podcasting Veteran’s Best Tips as a Podcast Producer and Host

Podcasting has moved beyond a quirky hobby to a ubiquitous brand-building resource, and a longtime podcaster recommends that people choose the podcast option — so much so that he even wrote a book about it.

“Podcasts are a target-rich environment for people looking to reach listeners enthusiastic about their niche, and podcasting’s barrier to entry is lower than ever. It’s a lot like indie publishing was a few years ago,” said Alex Greenwood, a Kansas City-based public relations consultant, author, and longtime podcaster. “Meaning anyone can get in. But that’s also a problem.”

To help, Greenwood wrote The Podcast Option (2023 Caroline Street Press) a book aimed at helping indie podcasters up their game. He based it on a few articles he originally wrote for Medium on the subject. In it, he shares his podcasting origin story from 2006 when, as an unsuccessful political candidate, he still “had things to say,” and his blog wasn’t cutting it.

Further, he explains his rationale for transitioning from a hobbyist podcasting mindset to a professional standard in 2018. The book offers proven podcasting tips, tricks, and advice.

“In indie publishing, anybody with a Word document and a homemade cover can publish an eBook. No editing, no professional cover design required,” he said. “A perceived lack of professionalism and quality drove down the market for the indie authors who produced content in a professional manner. Readers often ran back to the big publishers. Now, with podcasting, anybody with a computer or a smartphone can make a podcast. There are two million-plus shows out there and quality is undeniably an issue.”

Greenwood is the host and producer of two podcasts. Mysterious Goings On explores creativity and writing, featuring bestselling authors all the way to newbies in the guest chair. His other show, PR After Hours, focuses on business guests and tips. He posits that hobbyist podcasters have inadvertently made it more challenging to take indie podcasters seriously as corporate, “big media” shows quickly take over the marketplace.

“Podcast consumers get burned by amateur shows with poor production values…



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