Leveraging Podcasts to Enhance Public Relations

Alex Greenwood
4 min readFeb 7, 2024

In the public relations (PR) profession, we are forever on the lookout for new ways to spread the word on behalf of our clients. Cue podcasts, which have become an invaluable tool for building and sustaining relationships with target audiences. With approximately 3 million podcasts worldwide and a growing listener base — 64% of U.S. listeners have tuned into a podcast, with 42% listening monthly and 31% weekly — podcasts present a unique channel for enhancing your PR performance.

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Scott Galloway, known as “Prof G,” aptly sums up the convenience of podcasts.

“Podcasting is more convenient than any visual format. It doesn’t require our full attention, making it more accessible than video. We may be in a golden age of television, but a podcast is always just a few clicks away, facilitating the proliferation of new voices.”

As a veteran public relations professional and an early adopter of podcasting, I offer insights on leveraging podcasting effectively in your PR strategy. This is by no means comprehensive, but I hope it gets you thinking about ways to leverage this unique channel to improve your PR performance.

Establishing Thought Leadership

Podcasts are an excellent platform for showcasing expertise. Regularly participating in discussions on industry trends, challenges, and insights positions you as a thought leader, enhancing your credibility and making your brand a trusted information source.

My podcast, PR After Hours, has become a platform for guests to share their knowledge and establish themselves as industry authorities. It has paid many benefits to guests, listeners, and myself — including increased brand awareness, new clients, and friendships.

Expanding Reach and Engagement

Podcasts allow you to reach audiences beyond traditional media. They are consumed by people who prefer audio content and appreciate the convenience of listening while on the move. Ask people who listen to podcasts — chances are they will tell you they do so while exercising, washing dishes, mowing the lawn, or running errands. This is a significant attention capture! This wider reach, combined with the engaging nature of podcasts, can significantly boost your brand’s visibility.



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