Greenwood’s Rules of Podcasting

Alex Greenwood
5 min readApr 15, 2023

I’ve hosted and produced podcasts since 2006, some pretty successful, some decidedly not, and I’ve learned a few “rules” for good podcasting that have served me well.

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I’ve previously covered how to be a good guest once you are booked on a show and tips on finding the best podcast for you or your clients. I am the host and producer of the Mysterious Goings On and PR After Hours podcasts and appear on a few more as a commentator or co-host.

Now, without further ado, in no particular order…the rules I live by as a podcaster.

1. Good sound is king—use the best mic you can. And please record somewhere quiet! Nothing makes me turn off a show faster than careless, crappy audio.

2. That said, don’t blow too much money on equipment right out of the gate. You may get three episodes in and HATE the grind of podcasting, and then you’re stuck with expensive gear you do not want or need.

3. Consistency is the coin of the realm. Post shows when you say you will.

4. Take a break. I do two seasons per year, usually recording in batches for a couple of months. I take summer off from recording and post “best of” shows or reruns. Then I start another season in the fall. Wash, rinse, repeat.

5. Remember that interview listeners want to hear the guest first, host second.

6. Have at least a couple (or more) good episodes posted the day you launch a new show. If people like your first episode, make sure they can listen to more without having to wait too long (and forget about you).

7. A monthly show will almost never be more than a niche thing. Why? You’ll be starting over on your marketing every month trying to build an audience. That said, I co-host two monthlies, but I do them for fun and never expect them to earn blockbuster ratings.

8. Show cover art should be as well thought-out as your show’s theme.

9. You have a show theme, right? Not the show theme music, but the subject your show is about.

10. Speaking of music, don’t use music or sound you haven’t paid for.



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