Get Booked on a Podcast by Answering One Question

A critical way to build awareness and authority is by sharing your ideas, research, and opinions with people in your niche. Podcasts are an excellent marketplace for ideas — according to, there are two million podcasts out there, so surely there are a few shows that can help you grow your brand by booking you as a guest. The secret to getting booked comes down to answering one question.

While likely not a traditional media organization, a podcast still deserves the same level of professionalism. If the show does regular guest interviews, assume the producers or host gets numerous pitches for guests every week. This means you are in competition to get placed, and you need to put your best foot forward by answering this question:

What’s In It for Me?

No, I don’t mean you — we already know what’s in it for you to get booked. When you pitch yourself or your client as a guest, put yourself in the show’s shoes. When they get your pitch, are you telling them you offer something unique? Did you write a book, article, or paper that shares information the show’s audience would find interesting? Did you do a fantastic TedX talk?

If so, tell them about it. Here’s an example:

Hi (host/producer),

I’ve recently become a fan of your podcast, and I love the way you talk about _____________. As a twenty-five-year veteran of PR and crisis communications, I think I can add something valuable to the continuing conversation you’re having with your listeners about _______.

In fact, my latest book _____________(link) explores aspects of _______ from a new perspective your listeners may find engaging.

I’ve been a professional speaker for twenty years and pride myself on offering concise, actionable information for listeners to use right away. Here are a few points I can discuss on your show:




I have guested on several shows on TV, radio, and more recently, podcasts, including The Unnoticed, #Feelings Matter, All In with Rick Jordan, and Business Bros, to name a few. I use an excellent external mic and video camera to provide an optimal listening and viewing experience.

I’ll vigorously promote my appearance on your show to my 1000-subscriber eblast, 9000 Twitter followers, 1500 LinkedIn connections, and 4000 Facebook fans.

If you’d like to learn more about me, check out my detailed bio on my website here, and LinkedIn.

I’m happy to chat about any questions. I very much want to join you on the show soon. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Alex Greenwood

Email/Phone Number

I answered the producer or host’s question of “What’s in it for me to book Alex Greenwood?” by:

· Demonstrating I’m a noted expert or respected member of the industry the show covers.

· Sharing examples of how I add value by listing topics I can credibly discuss along with tips/tactics I can offer listeners.

· Including links to my books and speaking engagements.

· “Auditioning” via links to my previous podcast and TV appearances.

· Quelling concerns my appearance won’t sound or look good — I have a quality sound and video setup.

· Guaranteeing to promote the show on my social media channels/eblast.

· Providing links to more info about me so they may vet me as a guest.

Note that my pitch may be a little on the long side. Still, as a podcast producer myself, I appreciate people who send me detailed info to vet interviewees quickly. Your mileage may vary, and you will undoubtedly tweak your approach depending on the podcasts you’re pitching.

After a while, you will also determine what points you need to tweak if you’re not getting the responses you seek. If you get frustrated, seeking out a booking agency like YesBoss or MatchMakerFM may be an excellent alternative to doing it yourself.

The main thing is, be sure to answer that one question effectively. Do so, and you will very likely see your podcast bookings grow.

Note: I’ve also covered how to be a good guest once you are booked on a show and tips on finding the best podcast for you or your clients. I am the host and producer of the Mysterious Goings On and PR After Hours podcasts. If you would like to be a guest, please visit the websites.

Check out my new ebook “The Podcast Option” for stories, practical tips, and advice from my hundreds of hours as a podcast host, producer, and guest. The Podcast Option is mandatory reading for those new to podcasting, and welcome addition to the veteran podcaster’s library.

PR Pro, Social Media Strategist, Speaker, Podcast Host & Award-Winning Writer of the John Pilate Mystery Series. Principal at AGPR. Accomplished belly laugher.

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