From 2011: Omaha Steaks: Should They Dump Trump?

Alex Greenwood
4 min readNov 21, 2020
Would you “steak” your reputation on this?

This is a post from my “vault”. It was originally posted on my company PR blog in 2011, and it brought in a lot of clicks. However, it was probably a little too political for that space, so I took it down.

I came across it recently, and think there’s some stuff here worth revisiting from the perspective of someone objecting to Trump five years or so away from his failed presidency. The links embedded may or may not work, but the gist is there. — Alex

I’ll admit it–an occasional viewing of Donald Trump’s The Celebrity Apprentice is a guilty pleasure. I guess I enjoy watching people make fools of themselves: performing silly tasks, arguing about perceived slights, petty machinations, the personification of ridiculousness that is Star Jones, etc.

However, it’s the bowing and scraping to “Mister” Trump that I find the most egregiously funny. I mean really–they’re kissing this ridiculous, gold-plated vulgarian’s um…ring? Sheesh. However, aside from my issues with whether the show’s in good taste, it’s “good television” if the ratings are to be believed. Good ratings mean a sure winner for advertising, right?

Well, maybe–but you have to wonder if the good folks at Omaha Steaks are regretting getting on the strange-haired, orange-skinned business tycoon’s bandwagon.

As Omaha Steaks honcho Todd Simon said:

“We don’t really know what to expect. At the very least we know it’s going to get our brand out there and it’s going to raise awareness of all the different gourmet items we sell.”

That said, I’m fairly sure they knew what they were getting into when they decided to make their product identifiable with that loveable kook Gary Busey–but Trump’s wildly careless political rantings? Doubtful.

As you may have heard, Trump is again dallying with running for CEO of America. (Or president. Whatever). In so doing, he’s appealing to a vocal minority by questioning President Obama’s citizenship, college grades, and management skills. Well, that has set off a group who wants to take him down:

Remember back when Glenn Beck called President Obama a racist? He lost 100+ advertisers. Consumers have the power to do the same thing to Trump’s show, Celebrity

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