You’re an expert in your field, you have some great points to make, and you managed to get booked on a podcast. Congrats! That’s often the tricky part, but you’re only halfway there. Now you must ensure you’re doing everything you can to help your appearance go smoothly and gain traction with listeners.

Podcasts, like anything else, are often an extension of the host of the show. The recent democratization of tools has made it easy for virtually anyone to host a podcast. That’s great. It also means there are a lot of pretty bad shows out there that are…

A critical way to build awareness and authority is by sharing your ideas, research, and opinions with people in your niche. Podcasts are an excellent marketplace for ideas — according to, there are two million podcasts out there, so surely there are a few shows that can help you grow your brand by booking you as a guest. The secret to getting booked comes down to answering one question.

While likely not a traditional media organization, a podcast still deserves the same level of professionalism. If the show does regular guest interviews, assume the producers or host gets numerous…

Are you looking to get yourself or clients interviewed on a podcast? Well, I have good news and bad news.

The good news is, according to, there are two million (2,000,000!) podcasts out there with more than 48 million episodes available.

The bad news is, there are two million (2,000,000!) podcasts out there of varying quality and audience size.

What does that mean for you if you’re seeking a good fit for your topic that has a decent-sized audience? How do you make that podcast love connection?

I’ve podcasted off and on since 2006. Around 2018, I went from…

I was once asked by a local news anchor (who I regularly “talked to” over Twitter and Facebook) to do an on-camera interview about social media usage. She connected me with the field reporter working the story. He called, did a pre-interview, then asked if he could come by my office for an on-camera interview.


I’ve done many TV, radio, newspaper, and media interviews over my career as a spokesperson, subject matter “expert,” and author. I view any opportunity to do a media interview–especially TV–as an opportunity not only to “get my name out there,” but also as a…

There’s historically an American appreciation for “rugged individualism.” The romantic ideal of making it on your own — being a “maverick” (or branding yourself as one).

I’ve noticed this tendency in myself–no, I’m no John McCain, but for much of my life I was not much of a joiner. That isn’t to say I wasn’t that proverbial “good team player;” just that I trust my instincts and find solitary pursuits fulfilling and stimulating.

However, there comes a time when going it alone–or improvising– is not only not the best option–but not an option at all.

The legendary first man on…

I’m often asked what I do. Occasionally I’m asked why I do it. Kind of a (with apologies to Alfie) “what’s it all about, Al G?” question.

My answer? Stories.

I’ve always been attracted to stories: reading them in books, watching them on stage and screen, or listening at my grandfather’s knee. As a youngster into early adulthood, I acted in plays and occasionally tried my hand at writing stories–partially because I’m a big ham but mostly because I loved being part of a story. Of course, I’m not the only one.

Since we first took breath thousands of years…

In my 25-plus years in the world of work, I like to think I’ve seen just about every permutation of communications/message management. I’ve worked for companies or organizations that set up intricate, focus group-driven strategies, and never budged a millimeter from those plans.

Conversely, I’ve worked at places that had ‘strategery’: they thought they had a strategy–perhaps even had one on paper, but in real life, it was really pretty seat-of the pants stuff. It was all do/say what works well at the moment, worry about future implications later.

The third type of communications management I’ve experienced is by far…

Hiring a PR firm is fraught with excitement, questions, and yes, sometimes sticker shock. If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times: “I had no idea PR firms cost that much!”

Feelings about price are relative, really. One person’s expensive is another’s bargain; but suffice to say, some prospective clients don’t realize that PR professionals are like any other professional or skilled tradesperson. We have skills, experience, contacts, and proven strategies that we can’t give you for $25 an hour. If we did, we’d be out of business pretty fast.

When I’m contacted by people seeking PR…

Ever get stuck? Hit high center? You can’t make a decision, so you remain paralyzed?

Nah. me neither. (Kidding.)

It happens to me every now and then. I get into a funk because my results aren’t so great, or my creativity seems to have taken a vacation without me and I end up paying the airfare anyway. So, I remain frozen, making no decision. Inertia takes over. I just stand there, numerous paths ahead of me, unable to make a move.

Whether it’s making a decision about expanding my business, installing that new remote car starter, or making a decision…

Bear with me if you’ve heard this one, but my attention was once captured by a marketing postcard from the Honda dealership service center my wife uses. One side of the large postcard had a generic car-oriented graphic and the words “FREE Front End Alignment for Your Other Car.” In the lower right corner were the dealership and Honda logos.

Flip the card over and in fairly conversational copy you’re offered a tire change, or a free “truly free four-wheel alignment for your non-Honda, never-before-serviced-at-our-facility, ‘other’ vehicle…”

The copy then goes on about how winter potholes play havoc with alignment–this…

Alex Greenwood

PR Pro, Social Media Strategist, Speaker, Podcast Host & Award-Winning Writer of the John Pilate Mystery Series. Principal at AGPR. Accomplished belly laugher.

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